A few weeks ago I started taking a daily photo with my iPhone and sharing it on Instagram, Twitter and also on my Facebook page.  The aim is to capture beauty in the simple things that surround me, and share these happy snapshots with you all.

These are my favourite still life photos from March, I hope they bring you a moment of happiness :)

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Hi everyone, I’ve got some great news today! The Spring issue of Gatherings Magazine is out and…my work is on the cover yay!

This issue is all about honouring artists and artisans. Chock full of gorgeous photography and fab articles inspired by working artists, home + studio tours, and also yummy recipes bursting with the colours of a painter’s palette, – a true ode to creativity.

For my contribution I made flowers and butterflies out of home made white clay (recipe in the magazine) and  painted them, and the backgrounds, with watercolours.

You can buy the magazine in print or digital version through their new shop here and have a sneak peek of the contents here.

UPDATE: Great news! Use the discount code BLOGFRIEND and receive a 10% discount on all orders from the Gatherings Magazine shop 

On a different note, I will be revamping my website  soon, and also make a few changes in the blog content so that it reflects more my styling & photography work.

I also aim to post more blog updates with photos of  my work, so stay tuned.

Have a lovely week, Cristina x

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Happy Holidays!

December 23, 2013

Just wishing you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – enjoy your holidays and see you in 2014 xx Share/Bookmark

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Winter vignette for Gatherings Magazine White Issue

December 12, 2013

The White Issue  2013 of Gatherings Magazine is out, and I’m honoured to be one of the contributors. This year’s winter issue is all about white and Scandinavian inspiration and it’s my favourite issue  so far, absolutely gorgeous – lots of fab inspiration for your holiday cooking, gifting, crafting and decorating. You can have a sneak peek [...]

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Not just for tea, darling!

October 2, 2013

The October issue of Vintage Life magazine came through my letterbox a few days ago, and I was delighted to see my feature on alternative ways to use vintage tea cups. Vicky of the Chipping Norton TeaSet provided all the pretty china and yummy food, and we shot at the lovely shop Antique Pine & Lovely [...]

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